Ember & Co Design Studio

Obsessing over your spark of genius since 2010

Hey! I'm Caitlin, your designer and brand advocate.

I am so, SO excited to get some time together.

I am often described as a warm, gentle, unwavering old soul.

There is a special place in my heart for authenticity and knowing people as they truly are — which means that I also have a passion for intentional branding and heart-centered business. I am a Colorado native, currently living in Castle Rock with my incredible husband and our adorable mutt, Sherman.

A few of my favorite things:
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Hot coffee in a heavy mug
  • Gin + Tonic
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hygge
  • Psychology / Personality Typing Frameworks
My credentials:
  • Valedictorian of the design program of Feb '10, Full Sail University
  • Associates of Science in Graphic Design with multiple awards
  • 10+ years of professional design experience

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My "Personality Cocktail"

Enneagram » 9w1 (SP/SO)
Myers Briggs » ISFJ
Strengths Finder 2.0 » Developer
KOLBE-A » 8-8-1-3
Love Language » Words of Affirmation
Brand Archetype » Caregiver
Fascination Advantage » Trust
VIA Character Strength » Kindness
DISC » Supportive

What you bring to the world is significant — and profoundly needed — whether you've realized it yet or not.

Your audience wants to do business with someone who they know, like, and trust, and I want to give you the tools to build a foundation of loyalty and connection by uncovering your natural superpowers and showcasing them — through a strategically-crafted brand that “just feels right” — both to you, and to your dream clients.

I offer you calm sincerity and steadfast support.

I’m here to journey alongside you, to advocate for that spark of passion that got you to where you are today. I’m here to tell you that your brand identity is worthy of investing in because you are worthy of investing in. Your brand is a direct reflection of who you are, and one of the most tangible ways to communicate your value and connect with your dream clients/customers.

I strive to deliver exceptional design solutions whilst building relationships with my clients that are sustainable and down-to-earth. We should love the humans we work with just as much as we love what we’re building together. People before profits, always.

You can do this. Seriously.