Your Ultimate Branding Experience

You mean business.

You wouldn't be here if you didn't.

You have a clear vision for where you'd like to take your spark of genius. You've got ambitious goals. You're honing in on your ideal customer and you're ready to connect with them in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and effective.

The problem? You're crazy busy.

You don't have time to babysit the design process, and you don't have time to do it all yourself (you're finally coming to terms with this).

It's hard to let go of the reins, but you're ready.

You've got something truly unique to offer to the world, and you need a brand identity that reinforces your credibility, professionalism, and passion. You're realizing that it's time to step away from DIY design and step into a hand-crafted, expertly-guided, professional process that gifts you with a brand that is wholly and entirely yours.

Imagine what this could do for your business.

Seriously, think about it.

  • No more dissonance about the fact that your brand doesn't adequately represent you and your amazing product/service
  • No more missing out on incredible opportunities because your brand isn't communicating the right message to your ideal clients
  • No more feeling embarrassed when you hand out your outdated business cards (or worse, have none to give out)
  • No more worrying about how to raise your rates and still close sales
Grow your small business with a professional brand identity by Ember & Co Design Studio

I know how you feel, because I've been in your shoes.

Even as a professional designer, I used to phone-it-in when it came to my own branding. I had a full-time job and spent far too many years leaning on that safety net, instead of taking my own business seriously.

Why? Because taking myself seriously was scary.

It feels vulnerable to look at what you can give to the world...and wonder if anyone else will care. All of the sudden, you're exposed to the elements and it's far too easy to step back into your comfort zone. Perhaps you're like me, using your "lack of effort" as an excuse.

"Well, I'm not *really* trying as hard as I could, so that's why I'm not finding the success I'd like to see..."

Or maybe, you really ARE trying — SO HARD. But you're scared to invest in your brand because, honestly, you're not sure if you're worth it.

If you're not 100% sold on your own brand, it's likely that no one else will be, either. #hardtruths

For a while, it feels safer to remain in what you know, doing things yourself, piecing your brand together during your spare moments. But realize how limiting this methodology really is. You realize that you're snuffing out your own spark of genius — and it's time to finally do what it takes to fan it into flame.

I can empathize with the battles you wage, both within and without, as a business owner. I know how agonizing it can be to invest in your business and wonder if it's going to pay off. Oh, I so get that.

And that's why I'm 110% committed to making your brand experience head-over-heels worth your priceless time and energy.

Unlike the chaotic process you'll run into with a hodge-podged system of "lowest bidder" service providers and DIYed elements...

Your Ember & Co Brand Experience will be strategic, intentional, and organized.

  • STRATEGIC: We will focus on maximizing our time together by launching from a strong foundation of strategy, goal setting, and ideal customer profiling.
  • INTENTIONAL: The creative process can get a little unruly if you're not adept at taming it. We will use a professional project management system to keep us focused and on-task.
  • ORGANIZED: We will set a realistic, productive project timeline with clear directives and due dates for all involved parties.
  • EMPATHETIC: We get it, branding your business can be a mental and emotional journey. It allows you to dig deep, excavating your deepest hopes for your business. There is space for that, here.
  • TRANSPARENT: Using a project management system also gives you full transparency, so that you can get a handle on the design process and prepare for next steps. You will always know what we're working on and what your action items are.
  • HOLISTIC: Your brand experience is designed to give you a professional, custom-tailored branding system that resonates with your dream clients and allows you to take your business to the next level. No matter where your customers encounter your business, you will look polished and professional.
  • FRIENDLY: Yes, we are focused on delivering results for you. But we are also real people who really care. Ember & Co clients often become our dear friends and we will be cheering you on the whole way. We pride ourselves on being friendly, genuine, and abundantly warm.


Glowing Testimonial / Review for Ember & Co Design StudioCaitlin’s always kind demeanor, reliability, and trustworthiness made working with her an absolute pleasure. She readily recognized needs and gaps and filled them before ever needing to be told to and she was always willing to volunteer herself and put in the extra hours to deliver on those promises.

On top of all of that, Caitlin has strong business acumen and is capable of seeing a project from conception through execution while keeping the voice of the customer front and center in all of her decisions. Furthermore, her talent with Adobe Suite is top notch and her speed is admirable. I would recommend Caitlin to anyone."

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Blake Gaiser

Director of Product & Marketing
Westone Laboratories

Your business is worth investing in.

Make the most of your time, energy, and budget with Ember & Co's full Brand Experience.

Ultimate Brand Experience

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Client Brand Experience with Ember & Co

Client: J Muenz of

Graphic Design, Brand Design, Brand Identity, WordPress Website Design for Health & Wellness Coach J Muenz of Fearful to Fit, by Ember & Co Design Studio
Graphic Design, Brand Design, Brand Identity, WordPress Website Design for Health & Wellness Coach J Muenz of Fearful to Fit, by Ember & Co Design Studio

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