Brand Design Process

Ember & Co Signature Brand Identity Design Process
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"Did we just become best friends?!"

Initial Inquiry: Consultation, Proposal, and Project Booking

Get excited! Our journey together begins here — with your decision to do something big for yourself and your brand. You've likely browsed Ember & Co's website and social channels and you feel like we may just be a match made in heaven! Now what?

Your first step is to apply here and request a consultation. On this call, we'll go over some preliminary project details you've provided, your goals for this project, and what success would look like for you. If it sounds like a good fit, I'll send over a proposal that outlines the project details and the financial investment.

Happy with what you see? Great! Just hit the approve button and the contract and down payment invoice will instantly appear for you. Once you've taken care of all three pieces (proposal, contract, and down payment) your project is booked!

Keep in mind: your project is not added to Ember & Co's project calendar (nor is the timeline agreed to) until your contract is signed and the down payment is complete, so make sure you take care of those items promptly if you don't want to push the timeline back 😉


Casting the Vision

Discovery Phase: Timeline, Strategy Questionnaire, and Inspiration Boards

It's time to dig in! Get ready to do a deep dive into your brand personality, ideal client profile, business goals, and more. This is the most important phase of our work together.

We also will discuss a project timeline and set dates for when each task/deliverable is due so that we can hit our desired launch date with ease and grace.

We'll "summarize" all of our work thus far with our first design deliverable: Inspiration Boards! These boards are expertly designed to reflect your stated business goals, ideal target market, and brand strategy.

You will review two different inspiration boards based on the overall "feel" each one resonates (avoid critiquing specific images or fonts at this stage). Does it capture the way you'd like your dream customers to feel when they interact with you? Does it align with your brand personality? How do the colors used make you feel?

You will have one opportunity to refine your favorite inspiration board before moving on to logo concepts.


Bringing our strategy to life

Design Phase: Initial Logo Concept Presentation

This is where the rubber really hits the road: logo concepting! Logo design is, by far, one of the most nuanced and challenging design disciplines. It often takes years of practice, training, and skill-honing to perfect the art — and it will take several hours to research, plan, and execute your initial logo concept.

I often explore dozens of different ideas before narrowing in on the concept you see.

Once presented with the initial logo presentation, you'll be asked to review and share your thoughts. It is 100% okay to have some requested refinements at this stage. It's also 100% okay to not have any changes. It's important to reflect on your goals for your brand and view everything through the eyes of your dream clients/customers.

It's my job to know which colors, shapes, fonts, and proportions will be most effective from a design perspective, but I'd love your collaboration in determining how we can effectively fulfill your goals and create a brand that your dream customers will fall in love with.


Getting it "Just Right"

Logo Refinement Phase

Now that you've seen the initial logo presentation and you've reflected on your greater business/brand goals, it's time to translate that into meaningful design refinements.

This is where a strong strategy phase will pay dividends. We don't want to spin our wheels or exhaust ourselves by running in a million different directions with our design. By setting clear goals and having our target audience ironed out, we'll have a strong framework to work within.

We will keep your "Brand Words" (2-3 words that capture how you want your brand to feel to prospective customers) front of mind as we make strategy design refinements.

Keep in mind: refining existing concepts is not the same thing as creating entirely new concepts. If you request additional concepts, that's totally okay — just know that an additional design fee will be added to account for the extensive time, energy, and love that gets poured into concept development.

Your number of revision rounds will depend on your selected design package.


Dressing it to the nines

Brand Elements Phase: Logo Variations, Color Palette Refinement, Typography, Patterns, Textures, and more.

Yay! We've refined your logo design and we're both swooning over the final result. It's time to build out the rest of your brand elements! Crafting a complete visual brand identity sets you apart from your competitors and adds visual consistency, personality, and flow to your overall brand.

Here are some of the elements we may develop during this stage*:

  • Logo Variations: Long/horizontal formats for website headers, square formats for social profiles, favicons for browser bars, etc
  • Color Palette: Several different variations of your logo in your brand colors (full color, dark, light, etc).
  • Typography: A few fonts that will strategically align with your brand personality and blend perfectly with the rest of your visual identity
  • Patterns/Textures/etc: Patterns and textures add personality and depth to your brand. We will select a few options to use in your marketing materials and branded collateral.

You will have one opportunity to refine your brand elements.

*Brand elements included will depend on your brand package.


Special Delivery!

Final Approval & File Hand-off

Now it's time to get really excited — it's time to hand over the final brand package!

After you've approved the final brand board, I'll start building out all of your final logo files.

For premium branding packages, I also compile a 10+ page style guide that goes over each element of your brand and how to use it most effectively. It's a wonderful tool to keep on hand as you create future branded collateral, and can be a great guide for your VA and/or future design professionals to ensure that your brand remains consistent and on-point — no matter who's working on it.

As soon as you've paid your final invoice, I'll email you a link to a Dropbox folder, packed to the brim with all of your logo files, brand elements, brand board, and style guide (if applicable).

You're all set! Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions (or fun updates about your launch!). I'm here to support you 100%. I mean, at this point, we're basically best friends, right?

Have some lingering questions?

No worries! Check out our comprehensive FAQ here. If it's not there, ask me during our consultation call 🙂