Website Care Plans

keep your website running smoothly and securely

Peace of Mind

For less than the cost of a daily latte, you can rest easy knowing that your website is being monitored and maintained by a professional.


A well-loved website performs better, responds quicker, and has less bugs and security risks. It's a great way to protect your investment.


Long gone are the days of tech frustration and overwhelm. With a care plan, you know you'll always have someone in your corner.

Basic WordPress Care Plan

Starting at

$99 /month

No Annual Contract

Don't worry about getting locked into anything. This is a service we are happy to provide for you as long as it serves you.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We'll get instant updates if your website goes down, and take the necessary steps to contact your hosting provider for a solution.*

*During regular office hours, unless it is a true emergency

Daily On-site/Off-Site Backups

Full daily website backups give you the peace of mind that, should something crazy happen, your website can be safely and securely restored. Doing both on-site and off-site backups ensures that we can get your website back up and running even if your hosting provider has a catastrophic server failure.

Weekly Software Updates

WordPress websites require regular theme, plugin, and core updates. Failing to update on a consistent basis leaves your website vulnerable to hackers, performance issues, bugs, and downtime. We will update everything once per week and keep an eye out for immediate security updates and plugin vulnerabilities.

If you have a more advanced eCommerce or Course website, we may update those plugins less frequently and do more testing beforehand so that we can ensure your website runs smoothly and doesn't experience any downtime due to plugin conflicts, etc. 

Visual Audits

Unfortunately, plugins are notorious for not playing nice together, especially after big software updates. We'll check 4-5 key pages on your website after big software updates to ensure that everything looks exactly as it should.

Weekly Security Checks

WordPress websites power 34% of the web, but account for roughly 90% of security attacks. As mentioned above, a lot of this can be avoided with regular software updates. However, we'll scan your website for malware, blacklisting, and suspicious files once per week for peace of mind.

If you do happen to get hacked, we'll facilitate the clean-up process and give you up to two hours of our time, free of charge.

Weekly Database Optimization and SPAM Cleanup

Optimizing the database and removing SPAM keeps your website tidy and helps with performance.

1-3 Basic Content Updates Per Month

Need to swap out some text, add an image, or update a gallery? We'll take care of it!

Monthly Care Reports

Curious what we've been up to? You'll get fresh care plan report every month, delivered directly to your email inbox.

Annual Review + Recommendations

The world of online business changes quickly and exciting WordPress innovations are always being developed. We'll do an annual review of your website and provide you with any suggestions we have for simple performance, security, and/or user experience improvements.

Depending on the scope of improvements, we'll discuss if it'll be included in your monthly care plan costs or if an additional fee will apply.
eCommerce websites will start at a higher rate due to the extra TLC they require. Remember: Additional requests/updates will be charged at an hourly rate. All copy/content to be provided by you. Recurring hosting and domain fees are not included; you will be responsible for these payments.

Premium Managed Hosting

Starting at

$25 /month

Don't feel like dealing with choosing + maintaining your website hosting? No problem!

Secure SSL Connection

Google penalized websites that don't have a secure (https) connection. This is especially important if you're taking sensitive customer information, such as payment details. We'll install and implement an SSL certificate on your website, free of charge.

Server-Level Security

We work with hosting providers that offer premium server-level security, including firewalls, bot protection, security patching, and login security. Combined with regular software updates, and smart selection of trusted plugins, this makes hacks and security risks much less likely.

Impressive Performance

Many of the most popular hosting providers are notorious for poor support and crammed shared servers. Our hosting providers are known for their quality support and exceptional performance. 

Have questions? We'll help you get answers.

Stop wasting time in your hosting providers chat box, getting answers that end up leaving you with more questions than you had when you started. We'll serve as your official contact person and facilitate any necessary dialogues with your host.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a care plan? Or can I do it all myself?
If you're on WordPress, yes, you need to be doing regular maintenance. WordPress is an amazingly expansive and collaborative ecosystem with 55,000+ plugins, thousands of themes, and endless opportunities to customize, add, and tweak code. Its open source nature makes it one of the most powerful and scalable website content management systems on the planet. However, as the saying goes, "with great power comes great responsibility."

WordPress powers roughly 34% of the internet, but accounts for 90% of website hacks. Out-of-date plugins, poorly coded themes, plugin update conflicts, and poor host security opens you up to a whole slew of issues, from poor performance to security risks to downtime. 

Think of it like a car. It's tempting to stick your head in the sand and assume all is well — and maybe all will be well, for a while. However, the longer you neglect it, the more likely it will be that something catastrophic (and costly) will happen. Just like regular oil changes and tire rotations for your car, simple maintenance tasks for your website will keep it running smoothly and extend the value of your investment. A little TLC now safes you a load of pain down the road.

That being said, if you feel like you can't afford a professional care plan right now, make sure you turn on "enable auto updates" for most of your plugins and installed themes. This is now available in the WordPress dashboard, and many hosts offer this feature, as well. Log into your website at least once per month and check for any updates that were missed, and make sure that your most important pages are still looking great and running smoothly. Limit the number of plugins you use and only install new ones if they're absolutely necessary for the functioning of your website. When possible, stick to well-reviewed, high quality, well coded plugins and themes. They're less likely to cause bugs and plugin conflicts. In general, more plugins invite more problems.

A quick note: while it's super important to keep plugins updated, sometimes those updates can cause plugin conflicts and break your site — especially if you have a ton of different plugins installed. This is why frequent backups are so important. 

It's also incredibly important to be on a quality, well-secured Managed WordPress website host. They will help you to keep your site safe. My top suggestions are Flywheel, Siteground, and Cloudways. Flywheel actually offers free malware cleanup if you do get hacked, which is super helpful if you don't have a web professional caring for your site.
Does a care plan guarantee that my website won't get hacked or experience downtime?
Unfortunately, no one can promise you 100% uptime or guarantee that your website won't get hacked. Sometimes, these things just happen. However, being on a care plan will ensure that you have a recent backup to roll back to and professional support to get back up and running quickly. A care plan and quality hosting will also serve as your best line of defense against downtime and hacking, so while the chances are never 0%, they'll be much, much lower.
Can I sign-up for a care plan with Ember & Co even if you didn't build my website?
We love to support websites we built because we know them inside and out and know the care that we put into development. However, we're always open to supported new and existing clients who had their websites built by someone else. Before we select a plan for you, we'll request to do a full audit of your website and hosting environment. This helps us to get a feel for how it's set up, if/how long it's been neglected, and what it will take to keep it well maintained. This audit will be performed at our current hourly rate, and an onboarding fee may apply if we decide to move forward.
Do you support more advanced websites, like eCommerce or course websites?
We do! However, these websites are much more complex and will likely need more time and attention to care for properly. We want to make sure that you don't lose transactional history or experience downtime during standard plugin updates and routine maintenance. As a result, an additional fee will likely apply. We're happy to provide a quote :)
What's your turnaround time for maintenance and content updates?
Maintenance tasks will be performed on a set schedule, likely weekly or monthly (depending on the task). We will aim to warn you 48 hours beforehand in the event that you'd like to postpone due to a special promotion or heightened activity on your website during that time. When you request content updates, we'll strive to address them in 48-72 hours — sometimes sooner if we're able. Our response time does not include evenings, weekends, or holidays.
Can I add on more website requests and/or content updates?
Yes! We included a minimum number of content updates in the standard package for those who won't need as much support with content, but every plan is customizable. If you know you'll want more help with content, we can add more to your monthly package. This guarantees you more of our time each month. If you just have a month or two when you have more content requests, we're always happy to accommodate them as our availability permits. Additional requests will be completed at our current hourly rate and billed separately.
Do monthly content updates rollover?
As much as we'd love to offer the ability to rollover unused content updates, it makes scheduling too tricky month-to-month. Think of it more like a retainer. That space is reserved for you each month, and resets at the start of the next month. We'll aim to get you on a plan that "fits just right" and maximizes the value for you.
What's the best way to get in touch with you? What if it's an emergency?
If you're on an active care plan, email Please start a new email for each request (rather than responding to an old thread) and provide a subject in the title of the email. Describe your concern or request in as much detail as possible so that we can address it right away, rather than going back and forth for clarification. We strive to respond within 24 hours. You will also be provided with a phone number that you can call or text in the event of a true emergency. 
How does billing work?
We bill for care plans on a month-to-month basis. When you sign up, you'll enter your credit card information into our secure payment system. Your card will get auto-billed once per month until either party requests in writing to suspend/cancel the care plan. You will have full coverage until your plan expires.
What do you need from me in order to set up a new care plan?
We will need login credentials for your WordPress admin, hosting provider, and domain registrar. We store this information securely in LastPass. If your website is new to Ember & Co, we may need to perform a one-time audit to ensure that your website is eligible for a care plan. If we decide that it is, we'll recommend a care plan package and there may be a one-time onboarding fee. If you're an existing Ember & Co client and we already have the credentials for your website, we may not need anything else from you!