Convergent Performance Website

Convergent Performance Colorado Springs, CO  |  Visit Website The Mission of Convergent Performance is to permanently eliminate human error and lost potential. That’s a pretty powerful mission, isn’t it? When Marcie (Convergent Performance’s Director of Creative Services) reached out to me, they were making do with a very dated website presence. Landing on the homepage quickly resulted in overwhelm due to the lack of visual hierarchy and the sheer volume of content. They were the perfect candidate for a fresh …

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Apparel Design for I Choose Beauty, "It's Going to Be Okay"

Client Spotlight: #IChooseBeauty

One of the reasons I LOVE being a graphic designer is the opportunity I’m given to meet AMAZING humans doing amazing work. Sahar of “I Choose Beauty” is definitely one of those humans. After years of struggling with depression, Sahar decided to choose beauty and start documenting the beauty she saw each day with a photo. She posted her photos on Instagram using the hashtag #IChooseBeauty and after a week, she realized that she was feeling much more hopeful — so …

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Design Mood Board for Ellieco Baby Accessories Etsy Shop

Client Spotlight: Ellieco

Meghan, the founder and creator behind Ellieco, has always had an eye for fashion and exceptional styling. She’s the friend you go to when you’re not sure if the blouse you’ve chosen to put on is “unique in a good way” or “unique in, well, a unique way.” She’s a natural at selecting the perfect curtains for your dining room. She’s the sister that you trusted to spontaneously cut your hair into a bob in high school – nevermind the …

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