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Ember & CoEmber & Co Design Studio
5 Stars — Based on over 23 Client Reviews

Hands down the best experience with a graphic designer ever! Caitlin is prompt and helpful with FAR more than I would've put up with had the roles been reversed. Won't hesitate to contact her again in the future.

Ben WatsonBen Watson

Caitlin at Ember & Co. provides an absolutely phenomenal client experience. She is extremely conscientious and walks you through the website process seamlessly, without any stress whatsoever, providing helpful guidance along the way and fully listening and tailoring her work to your business/branding. Can’t recommend her enough!

Pearl HuskeyPearl Huskey

Caitlin is amazing! Not only is she a talented designer, but she really took the time to listen to what I wanted and put a lot of thought into what she created. I also appreciated how quickly she always got back to me throughout the process. Thank you, Caitlin!

Sahar AkerSahar Aker

I worked with Caitlin when she was with a different company and when she decided to start her own business,I knew I would continue working with her. She created a very specific rack card for me and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.The design is exactly what I wanted...and more. I would highly recommend her if you need quality graphic services!!

Liz BarronLiz Barron

I had spoken with several graphic designers before talking to Caitlin, but as soon as I spoke with her, I just knew that she was the person I wanted to work with, and I haven't looked back ever since! I'm actually not positive that Caitlin isn't a mind reader because she understood my vision for my brand so thoroughly and then made it come to life in a way that I hadn't even fully envisioned myself (because she is just THAT good). I basically gave her a bullet point list of what I wanted incorporated in a planner for a Health & Wellness challenge and she turned it into an absolutely beautiful and functional piece of art. My challengers are still raving about this planner! (And their t-shirts!) I can't wait to see what she comes up with for the next season. Caitlin also designed an amazing and easy-to-navigate web page for my challenge (she also built in all of the back-end functionality that made my head spin to think about--all I had to do was send my clients to the page and the rest was taken care of!). And again--throughout all of this--she would make tweaks and improvements on things I hadn't even noticed (like my website not being copyrighted--oops!). I just felt so at ease knowing she had my back and my best intentions at heart throughout this whole process. Caitlin was always timely, always willing to help, and always ensuring that she went above and beyond. I literally recommend her every chance I get and she's got a client for life in me!

Sara MartinSara Martin

Caitlin has been so patient with me and easy to work with in designing my logo! She is also very professional. I love that she sends invoices and agreements which is something I really appreciate as a small business owner myself. She was able to take a conceptual idea of mine and make it real! I can't recommend her enough!

Jenna BowdenJenna Bowden

Caitlin was a joy to work with, she was organized, creative and stayed on track. My site turned out beautiful and I could not be happier. Not only did she guide me through the process she helped me to think outside the box and brought to life what was in my head and made it a reality.

Kristen A. BardenKristen A. Barden

I would recommend Caitlin to anyone I know looking for a designer. She is incredibly professional, thorough and FAST. She took my scribbles, thoughts and bits of information and turned them into something beautifully authentic to me. She brought a dream to life in a way I never thought possible. Highly recommend!

Peter JonesPeter Jones

Caitlin has designed an email signature for me, done a design audit (with SEO tips) of my new website, and recently she helped me rebrand my photography business for the first time as I just moved and needed a change. Through and through she is the most incredible person to work with! Not only is she amazing at designing, but she also takes the time to listen to your needs and helps direct you to an end result that truly represents your brand in the best way possible. She went above and beyond creating my unique logo & updated color palette/brand board for me and I’m 100% obsessed with the final product - I can’t wait to start implementing it!

She is so kind and incredibly organized/on top of it and helps you know exactly what to expect timing-wise for projects from day one. I literally can’t think of anyone I would recommend more for all of your graphic & website design needs!!

Kira Whitney GoffKira Whitney Goff

WOW! What a great person / company to work with. Caitlin really knows what she is doing - and we should know - she has worked on our 50+ person Digital Marketing Company's materials for some time. She is Great!

Rick Stark, COO - SocialSEO

Rick StarkRick Stark

Ember & Co deliver a great product that is a game changer for my business, all while being a pleasure to work with!

Jon WallerJon Waller

I love Ember & Co! Caitlin is the first person I think of when ever I have any design needs. She is incredibly talented and can take your ideas and truly run with them. She meets deadlines like no one else and always delivers an excellent product. She never ceases to impress. Become a client soon before she fills up!

Kirsten PrivettKirsten Privett

Caitlin is the kind, caring, and so creative. I feel very lucky to have found her. She's the first person I call when I have a new project in mind (and I'm always cooking up new ideas)!

Nichole KainNichole Kain
Meghan DuncanMeghan Duncan

We worked with Caitlin to design a brand identity and website for our new company and we couldn't have been happier with her work! She was able to take a vague concept and turn it into a professional brand - walking us through the process every step of the way. Not only was she highly organized and creative, but her enthusiasm and passion for her work were evident from the beginning. I would highly recommend Caitlin and Ember & Co for all of your branding and design needs!

Tom GTom G

Caitlin has designed an email signature for me, done a design audit (with SEO tips) of my new website, and recently she helped me rebrand my photography business for the first time as I just moved and needed a change. Through and through she is the most incredible person to work with! Not only is she amazing at designing, but she also took the time to listen to my needs and helped direct me to an end result that truly represents my brand & personality in the best way possible (I almost cried when she sent over the final version because it felt so ME). She went above and beyond creating my unique logo & updated color palette/brand board and I’m 100% obsessed with the way it all turned out - I can’t wait to start implementing it!

She is so kind and incredibly organized/on top of it and helps you know exactly what to expect timing-wise for projects from day one. I literally can’t think of anyone I would recommend more for all of your graphic & website design needs!!

Kira GoffKira Goff

There aren’t enough positive words I can use to express how happy I was during the process of having our new website created, and how happy I am today with our new website now that it’s been completed and has gone live.

When I first spoke with Caitlin, which was a referral from a mutual friend of ours, I knew she was the person that needed to work on our new website. I’m a payroll professional, not a website professional, and she made me feel comfortable about this huge task in front of me us.

Caitlin put a schedule together which helped me look at this project in small pieces instead of looking at it in its entirety. Her input during the process was invaluable and very welcomed. The outcome is a great product that I’m getting rave reviews on.

Thanks Caitlin

Chris HortonChris Horton

Long time customer. Most consistent, professional, and design oriented individual I’ve worked with for brand, web, logo, anything design related.

Caitlin always covers my blind spots so I trust and recommend her whenever I can. I’m not design oriented, I’m colorblind and I have a propensity to lean on my analytical ability which quite frankly has nothing to do with having content that reads well, represents my brand properly, or signals the non-verbal nuances of my brand before I meet a prospect in a way that’s aligned with how I want to be viewed.

Here’s my point: Caitlin is always on time and wants to earn your business by doing amazing work instead of selling you some jazzy BS that you don’t need or want like many designers.

Christopher SweatChristopher Sweat

I have known Caitlin professionally for several years, but this is the first time I have ever worked with her as a client. She is exceptional! My vision was brought to life exactly as I imagined. Caitlin's professionalism, timeline and expertise are absolutely above reproach. I will never work with anyone else, if I can avoid it! FIVE STARS.

Jason RickerJason Ricker

Caitlin has been working with our organization as a Brand Manager for about 5 years now and we couldn't be happier. She is professional, timely, consistent. And her work is some of the very best I've seen. She is creative and incredibly talented and has designed brochures, websites, t-shirts, marketing kits, and more for our company (and even a tattoo for me personally!). I have nothing but the very highest recommendation for her for any of your projects - big or small. A billion thumbs up!

- Laura Parker, VP The Exodus Road

Laura Abels ParkerLaura Abels Parker

I have been working with Caitlin over the years with help on my website and menu for the restaurant. Her attention to detail and creativity brought life to a dull website and menu.Every change I have had to make are done on time. I will continue to work with her to keep my brand shiny and bright. Thank you Caitlin for all do you for us and don't ever loose your special touch.

Original Marini's Empanada HouseOriginal Marini's Empanada House

Caitlin's talent and skill are fantastic. Her work is impeccable. Her communication is wonderful. Her process is unmatched. I always recommend her as the reference for creative and web work.

John LowreyJohn Lowrey

[Caitlin’s] always kind demeanor, reliability, and trustworthiness made working with her an absolute pleasure. She readily recognized needs and gaps and filled them before ever needing to be told to and she was always willing to volunteer herself and put in the extra hours to deliver on those promises.

On top of all of that, Caitlin has strong business acumen and is capable to see a project from conception through execution while keeping the voice of the customer front and center in all of her decisions. Furthermore, her talent with Adobe Suite is top notch and her speed is admirable.

I would recommend Caitlin to anyone that is looking for her skillset, both in the freelance and corporate worlds.

Blake Gaiser

We have used Caitlin for several projects and she consistently delivers great work. We have learned to trust Caitlin to understand our brand direction and deliver graphics that expertly communicate the meaning behind the brand. Great work.

Steve Leigh

Caitlin is one the most talented designers I have had on a team. She is motivated, insightful and produces exceptional work. She is a creative leader who can be given an idea and turn it into an industry-leading design. She manages her projects extremely well. She is a pleasure to work with on many levels. She is a creative genius and it was a pleasure to have as a true leader on the creative team. She is a genuinely wonderful person.

John Lowrey

Working with Caitlin has been nothing short of incredible. Her sweet and caring personality combined with her professionalism, talent, and creativity make her a true gem. She is timely in her delivery and always willing to go above and beyond to provide more than what you could have imagined. She took my vision and not only brought it to life but enhanced it. I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else!

Jessi Jean

Caitlin at Ember & Co is amazing! She is always helpful and so patient! I love how responsive she is and her communication style. She treats you like a person, not a number! I cannot thank her enough for all her help through the many changes I have had.

Kathy Spengler

I have had the pleasure of working with Caitlin for a year and a half so far. In that time she has demonstrated strong leadership, a passion for brands, and a strong work ethic. Her creativity is exceptional and purpose driven. She is a great multitasker with good time management skills and works hard to give her clients, both internal and external, multiple options that each communicate a specific idea. She is a true asset to our team and a brilliant Creative Manager.

Michelle Dailey

For those of you who haven't worked with Ember & Co Design Studio yet...What are you waiting for? RUN... don't walk... You won't be disappointed in Caitlin's wisdom, design sense, intuitive nature, and hard work ethic.

Mindy Altermatt

Our food truck has been out and about, and it has just taken off. People talk about our logo EVERYWHERE we go. Thank you so much, Caitlin!!!

Romeo Paolini

Caitlin is a passionate and hard working graphic designer. While working with her on design projects for Skyline Products, she created excellent final products and delivered world-class customer service. I highly recommend Caitlin for any of your design needs. She is receptive and patient and really great to work with.

Cooper Hollmaier

Working with Ember & Co was everything I needed. Downtown Reading Society is a project that I have worked on — on the side — for about two years now. On-the-side projects require the thoughtful of the world to help them get started. Ember & Co is just that: thoughtful. Caitlin helped me to think through a good, clean graphic. More than that, she made the project happen in weird pockets of time: early mornings, late nights, lunches. For me time = love. Ember & Co made my project happen — on my timeline.

Sam Stephenson