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Ellieco Owner, Meghan Duncan, Client of Ember & Co Meghan, the founder and creator behind Ellieco, has always had an eye for fashion and exceptional styling.

She’s the friend you go to when you’re not sure if the blouse you’ve chosen to put on is “unique in a good way” or “unique in, well, a unique way.” She’s a natural at selecting the perfect curtains for your dining room. She’s the sister that you trusted to spontaneously cut your hair into a bob in high school – nevermind the fact that she’d never actually been to beauty school (I may or may not be speaking from personal experience). Meghan happens to be my only sibling and one of my dearest friends. And today she is a mamapreneur and the owner of a darling boutique on Etsy.

When Meghan had her daughter in the fall of 2014, she struggled to find accessories that suited her taste. So naturally, she decided to start making her own. As she began posting her daughter in her self-made headbands on Instagram, comments started flooding in, asking her where she found these adorable headbands and how they could purchase their own. She decided to take this new venture seriously, and within one year she was up to 10k followers on her Ellieco Instagram page (#MICDROP) — She has a wonderful eye for current trends and her charismatic personality charms mamas and adoring aunts everywhere, but she knew that a solid brand identity would take her small shop from a profitable hobby to a legitimate business.

Ellieco Instagram Beginnings, Meghan Duncan, Client of Ember & Co

Establishing the Ellieco Brand Identity

Keeping in mind that her core audience was young moms, we wanted to keep her brand fresh, approachable, feminine, and modern – with a hint of vintage flair. However, she also wanted to keep it gender-neutral enough that she could introduce bowties and t-shirts for little boys. After some discussions and dream-boarding, we selected a color palette:

  • Blush represents soft, upscale, nurturing, and healthy.
  • Mint evokes feelings of freshness or lightness.
  • Silver adds that element of glitz and sparkle.

Early Stages of Ellieco Brand Identity by Ember & Co Design Studio

For the logo, we selected a flirty, structured script font and added a distressed texture to pull in the hand-crafted, vintage feel. A modern san-serif font for the body copy adds a clean, modern feel. Delicate floral / polka dot backgrounds tie the whole look together and mirrors the fabric pattern aesthetic that she often selects for her headbands and accessories. Once we had a solid brand guideline finalized, we were able to create full social media template and stationery package to give her customers a wonderfully consistent user experience.

The Ellieco Etsy Shop is fully stocked with handcrafted baby accessories for your little darling.

Ellieco Brand Identity by Ember & Co Design Studio

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