Featured on Kira-Whitney.com: Ember & Co Branded Photoshoot

September 25, 2017

Personal Branding Photoshoot with Kira Whitney Photography | Caitlin Thompson of Ember & Co Design Studio

If any of you have seen my last professional photoshoot, you know that I've been long overdue for a update. Not because the photos were anything less than perfection (Kira did those, too, and she is an amazing photographer) — but because I've changed my look so much over the last few years! Just look at that hair!

Something that I love about being in a creative field is the way that it soaks into every aspect of your life.

I had purple/pink/blue hair for well over a year and I had a blast playing with the color combinations and treating my hair like an art canvas. I became known for it, and was even told by a famous musician that I looked like "a purple-haired Taylor Swift." It was a fun run.

However, when I transitioned to taking Ember & Co full-time, I decided it was time for a change. Not to mention, that purple hair was CRAY CRAY to maintain — ain't no entrepreneur got time for that! I've actually enjoyed my return to the blonde life.

I've known Kira since middle school. Her big sister and I were the best of friends and Kira and I quickly bonded, as well. She is incredibly sweet, down-to-earth, and a joy to be around. She also happens to be a fantastic photographer, and I've called on her for literally every photoshoot I've needed since she picked it up years ago.

Not only is she immensely talented and professional, but she makes you feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed during the entire process. I find photos awkward more often than not, but Kira makes me feel like I was meant for it.

When I found out she and I would be visiting our hometown on the same weekend, I couldn't resist the opportunity to spend time with her and get some updated photos for my brand.

We had so much fun picking out little accents in my signature "Ember & Co" blue, and Cafe Leo made us the PRETTIEST mocha in the coffee mug that I designed.

It was such a fun way to celebrate my business and how far I have come since I opened my doors in 2010. I never dreamed that I'd be making a living doing what I loved for people that I absolutely adore. My clients (you!) are the best of the best, truly.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in what Ember & Co has become. It's been an honor, and I can't wait to see what we do together over the next year.

To see the rest of the photoshoot and more of Kira's amazing work, check out her website: Kira-Whitney.com.

If you are in Colorado, Kansas City, or Arkansas...give her a call! She's the BEST.

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