Adventures of Empty Nesters

Adventures of Empty Nesters WordPress Website (Collaboration)

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Collaborative Project: Client Acquisition, Coaching, and Strategy by SPARK Collaborative

Suzanne Stavert is a travel writer, brand ambassador, and culinary explorer who enthusiastically inspires empty nesters (and others) to #findadventure wherever they go.

I was first introduced to Suzanne several years ago through Linsi of SPARK Collaborative. Linsi and I absolutely love collaborating on projects together and feel like our natural talents and client relationship style compliment each other well. She's a wonderful business coach for small businesses. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Suzanne is an incredible writer and has become a wonderful advocate for adventure and optimism for the many empty nesters who look for purpose and excitement during the pivotal years after their child-rearing days have come to an end. She has grown her blog substantially over the years, and she was finally ready for a refresh!

This website was a huge undertaking due to its size and breadth, but I had so much fun exploring new ways to make the behind-the-scenes management easier for Suzanne.


  • Mobile-friendly, responsive build
  • Updated UI/UX that's a delight for readers
  • Ease of management as she adds new blog posts, brand collaborations, and press features.

As always, we started from the ground up with an extensive strategy and wireframing process, followed by a Style Tile phase to ensure that the new website aligned with their vision for the organization. Linsi was a huge help in getting Suzanne's strategy outlined and the copy fine-tuned.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that felt inspiring, fun, and polished. I also had the opportunity to get my hands dirty with some custom post types and advanced custom my inner nerd was over the moon!

Adventures of Empty Nesters WordPress Website (Collaboration)

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