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"We are getting a proposal from a local SEO firm and when they checked out our website, they could not say enough good things about the way it's built. They said our site is built “SOLID”! All the powers to you! Thank you!"

— Sophia Akrami

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Amber Personal Care is a home care service with a mission to provide care to their clients with compassion, dignity, and integrity.

Sophia Akrami had recent bought a personal care company after her own experience caring for her mother after she suffered an occipital stroke, meaning her short-term memory and vision were badly affected. She had a website, but it wasn't reflecting the quality of care Amber Personal Care provides. She was referred to me by another dear client of mine, Atousa Safavi of Clermont Dental. Atousa told me that I would love her kind, compassionate energy and she wasn't wrong. I absolutely fell in love with Sophia the moment I met her!


  • Attract her dream clients (those who would love to stay at home, but need help to do so)
  • Create an attractive and trustworthy online presence that will aid her in scaling the business
  • Provide a comforting and "safe" space for those in need of home care to explore their options

As always, we started from the ground up with an extensive strategy and wireframing process, followed by a Style Tile phase to ensure that the new website aligned beautifully with her approachable personality. I am in love with the turquoise and coral palette.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that felt incredibly comforting, cozy, and trustworthy.

Since we launched the website, Sophia has been getting tons of positive feedback, and I've loved watching her team put it to good use!

A special thanks to Sophia for being such an inspiration, to Kira Whitney Photography for the incredible headshots, and to Atousa Safavi for the enthusiastic referral.

Amber Personal Care WordPress Website

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