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Dina Pavilonis, M.D. is board-certified physician in Family and Integrative Medicine but holds another full-time job as a mother of two.

When one of her kids had a high fever one day, she could not find an OTC medicine that was not filled with sugar or a laundry list of scary additives.

Ellywell exists to help moms give their kids a safer, healthier alternative to traditional Acetaminophen (aka “Tylenol”). Organically flavored, safe & sugar-free (naturally sweetened with Stevia), Ellywell is a fever and pain reducer designed with the best parents in mind.

Dina had worked with Johanna Pendley to create a WONDERFUL brand identity for Ellywell, but she needed a playful eCommerce website to match. Johanna asked if I'd like to collaborate and I said, "Uhm, YES PLEASE."

For her new WordPress website, Dina had the following goals:

  • Create a fully-functioning playful eCommerce website that's designed well and makes people say, "that's a cute website!"
  • Project a trusting, warm, welcoming vibe
  • Provide natural and safe fever and wellness relief families can trust

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that playfully showcased her amazing new product and motherly sincerity. It was fun to work with such a stunning brand and inspiring client. Now that Isobel is here, I have Ellywell on my shelf, ready and waiting!

Ellywell Shopify Website

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