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Industrialex is the premier coating company in Colorado and one of the largest in the western United States.

Coating, usually the last mile of the manufacturing process, was not always appreciated for the craft it is today. In 1994, Industrialex was founded by Ahmad Akrami. In partnership with Joe Triolo, who had 20 years prior experience in liquid and powder coating, Industrialex set to formalize this aspect of the manufacturing process as a white glove service. Over 30 years, the company acquired its most significant competitors, hired the best in the business, served bigger and more diverse customers, and entered new service lines. Today, they offer powder coating, liquid coating, conformal coating, and a variety of other related services.

For their new WordPress website, Industrialex had the following goals:

  • Modernize the layout and design of their website to clarify their message and connect with the next generation of business owners.
  • Showcase the quality of their services through a clean, sharp, streamlined web presence.
  • Create a website that would be simple for their team to update and services and processes evolve.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that showcased the exceptional quality of their services and their decades of experience — in a way that connects more readily with the next generation. I was able to set up a custom backend that makes updating their website a breeze and I had a lot of fun finding creative ways to build their website in a way that minimized complications in the backend and future-proofed it for many years to come.

Industrialex Website

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