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"I so enjoy your kindness and our working relationship. You ROCK!"

— Dennis, founder of Trenchant Analysis

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Trenchant Analysis unmasks the hidden dangers associated with globalized terrorism, insurgencies and other forms of asymmetrical warfare by exposing the evolution of terror-based criminal tradecraft.

Wowza, what a mission, right? When I was introduced to Dennis (founder of Trenchant Analysis), I knew right away that he was the real deal. With his extensive military background and passionate intellect, he is a force to be reckoned with. However, that zeal is matched equally by his compassionate desire to see the vulnerable protected. I have grown to deeply respect the care that he puts into his work.

He had been working on (and deploying) his unique open-source global terrorism methodologies and tactics report for a long time, but had never built a true online presence to house these reports. He was also interested in setting up a more formal online membership.


  • Give his highly-valuable and in-depth reports an online home
  • Build out an online membership platform to take some of the admin work off his plate
  • Bring credibility and clarity to his reports in order to get them into more hands

This was my first big membership project and it was such a pleasure to get my hands dirty for such a worthy cause. I also learned a ton from his reports and the wonderful website copy that he wrote himself. Dennis is an absolute wealth of information on this topic.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that felt cutting-edge, clarified the message, and gave him the ability to set up an automated membership.

A special thanks to Dennis for being such a pleasure to collaborate with, and for his incredible work on these reports. They are absolutely packed with valuable information that we could all benefit from.

Trenchant Analysis WordPress Membership Website

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