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Veribella is dedicated to the rescue & restoration of those trapped in human trafficking and to prevention & legislation aimed at eradicating human trafficking.

I was introduced to Kirk, one of the founders of the Veribella Foundation, through one of my long-time clients, The Exodus Road. They have a mutual passion for the fight against human trafficking, and The Exodus Road is actually one of the primary organizations that the Veribella Foundation directs their donations to.


  • Appeal to their target donors: 35-55-year-old women who desire to be regularly involved in a good cause (a crossover with their product line demographic)
  • Create a visual web presence that compels donors to act, inspires hope, and allows them to feel good about acting and helping someone
  • More donations (compel people to act through a clear story)
  • Add credibility and authenticity ("We're real people")

As always, we started from the ground up with an extensive strategy and wireframing process, followed by a Style Tile phase to ensure that the new website mirrored their heart for the cause and told a compelling story.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that felt cutting-edge, clarified the message, and promoted trust and support for the cause.

Veribella Foundation Non-Profit WordPress Website

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