Client Testimonials

"Can I tell you 'bout my best friends?"

What people are saying about working with Ember & Co

This is what it looks like to do “good work for good people.” I absolutely adore my clients and the bonds we’ve built as we’ve become true partners in building their brand. There is nothing more powerful than a rockstar team that is focused on a common goal.

Client Testimonials

Laura Parker

VP of Communications + Founder of The Exodus Road

“Friends, if you have any graphic design needs I literally can not say enough good things about Caitlin at Ember & Co. Caitlin has been our brand manager from the beginning for The Exodus Road. She is professional, crazy-talented, makes deadlines like a boss, and is a delight to work with. If you have design needs (website, logos, print, etc.) reach out to her. FOR REAL.”

Jessi Jean, Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Jessi Jean

Fitness Entrepreneur & Nutritional Specialist |

“Working with Caitlin has been nothing short of incredible. Her sweet and caring personality combined with her professionalism, talent, and creativity make her a true gem. She is timely in her delivery and always willing to go above and beyond to provide more than what you could have imagined. She took my vision and not only brought it to life but enhanced it. I wouldn’t have wanted to work with anyone else!”

Sam Stephenson, Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Sam Stephenson

Case Aide | Teller County Dept. of Social Services

Working with Ember & Co was everything I needed. Downtown Reading Society is a project that I have worked on — on the side — for about two years now. On-the-side projects require the thoughtful of the world to help them get started. Ember & Co is just that: thoughtful. Caitlin helped me to think through a good, clean graphic. More than that, she made the project happen in weird pockets of time: early mornings, late nights, lunches. For me time = love. Ember & Co made my project happen — on my timeline.”

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Steve Leigh

Non-Profit Board Member | The Exodus Road

“We have used Caitlin for several projects and she consistently delivers great work. We have learned to trust Caitlin to understand our brand direction and deliver graphics that expertly communicate the meaning behind the brand. Great work.”

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

John F. Lowrey

V.P. of Audio Products | Westone Laboratories

“Caitlin is one the most talented designers I have had on a team. She is motivated, insightful and produces exceptional work. She is a creative leader who can be given an idea and turn it into an industry-leading design. She manages her projects extremely well. She is a pleasure to work with on many levels. She is a creative genius and it was a pleasure to have as a true leader on the creative team. She is a genuinely wonderful person.”

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Alex Marini

Restaurant Owner | Marini’s Empanada House

“[My previous designer] put me in contact with Caitlin for help on my menu design; obviously he knew something I didn’t. Caitlin’s vision of what our website needed shows how creative she is. Since we launched the new site, I have received numerous comments about how the site reflects the family atmosphere of the restaurant and the love that we have at what we do. When you love what you do and you enjoy doing it, it reflects on the finished product. This is just the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship. Thank you, Caitlin, and don’t ever change.

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Cooper Hollmaier

Marketing Coordinator | Skyline Products, Inc

“Caitlin is a passionate and hard working graphic designer. While working with her on design projects for Skyline Products, she created excellent final products and delivered world-class customer service. I highly recommend Caitlin for any of your design needs. She is receptive and patient and really great to work with.

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Michelle Dailey

Project Manager | Westone Laboratories, Inc

“I have had the pleasure of working with Caitlin for a year and a half so far. In that time she has demonstrated strong leadership, a passion for brands, and a strong work ethic. Her creativity is exceptional and purpose driven. She is a great multitasker with good time management skills and works hard to give her clients, both internal and external, multiple options that each communicate a specific idea. She is a true asset to our team and a brilliant Creative Manager.”

Jenna Bowden, Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Jenna Bowden

Owner & Stylist | Crown Salon

Caitlin has been so patient with me and easy to work with in designing my logo! She is also very professional. I love that she sends invoices and agreements which is something I really appreciate as a small business owner myself. She was able to take a conceptual idea of mine and make it real! I can’t recommend her enough!

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Blake Gaiser

Director of Product & Marketing | Westone Laboratories

[Caitlin’s] always kind demeanor, reliability, and trustworthiness made working with her an absolute pleasure. She readily recognized needs and gaps and filled them before ever needing to be told to and she was always willing to volunteer herself and put in the extra hours to deliver on those promises.

On top of all of that, Caitlin has strong business acumen and is capable to see a project from conception through execution while keeping the voice of the customer front and center in all of her decisions. Furthermore, her talent with Adobe Suite is top notch and her speed is admirable.

I would recommend Caitlin to anyone that is looking for her skillset, both in the freelance and corporate worlds. ”

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Christopher Sweat

Founder of StemFlow

"Long time customer. Most consistent, professional, and design-oriented individual I’ve worked with for brand, web, logo, anything design related.

Caitlin always covers my blind spots so I trust and recommend her whenever I can. I’m not design-oriented, I’m colorblind and I have a propensity to lean on my analytical ability which quite frankly has nothing to do with having content that reads well, represents my brand properly, or signals the non-verbal nuances of my brand.

Caitlin is always on time and wants to earn your business by doing amazing work instead of selling you some jazzy BS that you don’t need or want like many designers."

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Sara Michelle Martin

Founder of SMM Health + Wellness Coaching

"As soon as I spoke with Caitlin, I just knew that she was the person I wanted to work with. I'm actually not positive that Caitlin isn't a mind reader because she understood my vision for my brand so thoroughly and then made it come to life in a way that I hadn't even fully envisioned myself (because she is just THAT good).

Ember & Co designed everything I needed for my health challenges and made tweaks and improvements to things I hadn't even noticed (like my website not being copyrighted, oops!)

I just felt so at ease knowing she had my back and my best intentions at heart throughout this whole process. Caitlin was always timely, always willing to help, and always ensuring that she went above and beyond. I literally recommend her every chance I get and she's got a client for life in me!"

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Sahar Aker

Found of

"Caitlin is amazing! Not only is she a talented designer, but she really took the time to listen to what I wanted and put a lot of thought into what she created. I also appreciated how quickly she always got back to me throughout the process. Thank you, Caitlin!"

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Kirsten Privett

Communications Manager | The Exodus Road

"I love Ember & Co! Caitlin is the first person I think of whenever I have any design needs. She is incredibly talented and can take your ideas and truly run with them. She meets deadlines like no one else and always delivers an excellent product. She never ceases to impress."

Client Testimonial for Ember & Co Design Studio

Nichole Kain

Founder of Home & Place Project

"Caitlin is kind, caring, and so creative. I feel very lucky to have found her. She's the first person I call when I have a new project in mind (and I'm always cooking up new ideas)!"