Working from a Home Office: How to Make the Transition Go Smoothly

This is a guest post by Marissa Perez of Business Pop, a marketing guru with 10 years of experience. She co-created Business Pop to provide insight and advice to those entering business ownership.

If you’re used to going into the office every day, it’s hard to suddenly start working from home.

Chances are, you haven’t had much of an opportunity to set up a home office or even get used to the idea. Whether you’re excited about the opportunity or dread this becoming the new norm, the resources below can help make the transition a little easier. 

Learn the Facts

Setting Up a Work Space

Improving Your Work 

Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

Working from home always takes some getting used to, even if it’s something you’ve been wanting to try for a long time. By setting up a dedicated workspace and getting into good work habits, it will be easier to maintain a balance between work and your personal life while still getting everything done. 

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