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Evelyn Steel Coaching WordPress Website

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Evelyn Steel is a life coach and successful business owner. When she turned 40, she felt burnt out and overworked. She decided to make a change in her life and hire a high-ticket coach. She loved the transformation she experienced and decided that she wanted to give the same gift to other women hitting the same milestone.

In her own words: "I created this program because I wanted a new sense of purpose and to reinvent myself - and I did just that. I studied all the diets, read all the books, and learned through the hard work of many programs. But I didn't see the changes I desired until I started thinking, eating and training the way you'll experience in my program.

In the last few years of my business, I finally figured out how to truly step into the highest version of myself and walk the talk in every area of my life. A huge part of it was a total mindset shift — a powerful decision to put myself first and create the life I desired — no matter what. I was more than ready to allow massive changes in my life.

I decided the best part of my life — would be the second part of my life."

Evelyn was referred to Ember & Co by a dear client, J Muenz. They've been working on Evelyn's coaching program together, and even though J lives several states away (in Washington), Evelyn and I live a mere hour from each other! So fun.

For her new WordPress website, she had the following goals:

  • A website that is clean, functional, reflects her aesthetic/values as much as possible
  • For women to come to her website and be immediately enchanted by the look and feel of it

We started from the ground up with an extensive strategy and wireframing process, followed by a Style Tile phase to ensure that the new website aligned beautifully with the vision Evelyn had for her growing coaching business.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, feminine, mobile-responsive web presence that beautifully showcased her personality and incredible energy. I still swoon over the color palette every time I see it!

Evelyn Steel Coaching WordPress Website

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