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Spine Care International, founded by Dr. William Choi, is on a mission to provide life-changing care to those who may otherwise be constrained to living with chronic pain.

My husband, an anesthesiologist assistant, worked with Dr. William Choi regularly at our local hospital. He grew to deeply appreciate Dr. Choi's humble approach to his expertise and his heart for serving the less fortunate — so when he was asked if he'd like to join Spine Care International on their annual medical mission trip, he jumped on it. It was a tough but inspiring week and he came home with a renewed appreciation for the gift he has to share with others and the substantial impact their service had on the community they visited in Belize.

During follow-up meetings, the team expressed interest in updating their existing website to reflect the quality of the care they wished to share with their global community. They also had some big fundraising goals on behalf of the hospital they visited in Belize, so they knew they'd need to modernize the website and make it easier for supporters to submit donations for specific needs.

My husband mentioned their conversation to me, and I decided to take on the project pro bono. It was an honor to play a small role in aiding their mission.


  • Give the existing site a much-needed design overhaul
  • Improve the clarity of their mission and reflect their commitment to excellence
  • Add the ability to take donations easily

As always, we started from the ground up with an extensive strategy and wireframing process, followed by a Style Tile phase to ensure that the new website mirrored the quality of care they provide and made their mission clear and compelling.

By the end of the project, we had a clean, modern, mobile-responsive web presence that felt cutting-edge, clarified the message, and promoted trust and support for the cause.

A special thanks to the Spine Care for being such a joy to collaborate with, and to my husband for bringing me into the fold. It's been an honor!

Spine Care International WordPress Website

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