Our Process


"Did we just become best friends?!"

Initial Inquiry: Consultation, Proposal, and Project Booking

Get excited! Our journey together begins here — with your decision to do something big for yourself and your business. You've likely browsed Ember & Co's website and social channels and you feel like we may just be a match made in heaven! Now what?

Your first step is to inquire here. I will get back to you within 24 hours with more information and a link to request a consultation. On this call, we'll go over the preliminary project details you've provided, your goals for this project, and what success would look like for you. If it sounds like a good fit, I'll send over a proposal that outlines the project details and the financial investment.

Happy with what you see? Great! Just hit the approve button and the contract and down payment invoice will instantly appear for you. Once you've taken care of all three pieces (proposal, contract, and down payment) your project is booked!

Keep in mind: your project is not added to Ember & Co's project calendar (nor is the timeline agreed to) until your contract is signed and the down payment is complete, so make sure you take care of those items promptly if you don't want to push the timeline back 😉

Casting the Vision

Discovery Phase: Timeline, Strategy Questionnaire, and Sitemap

It's time to dig in! Get ready to do a deep dive into your brand personality, ideal client profile, business goals, and more. This is the most important phase of our work together.

We also will discuss a project timeline and set dates for when each task/deliverable is due so that we can hit our desired launch date with ease and grace.

We'll solidify your page count/structure with a basic sitemap. A sitemap is a simple way to visualize all of your pages and how your target audience will access them.

If you need more than 6 pages, this is a great time to plan for that (additional pages can be added for an additional cost).

Bringing our strategy to life

Design Phase: Wireframes & Style Tiles

With a strategy in place, it's time to start bringing it to life! We'll do this with wireframes and style tiles.

Wireframes give us an opportunity to thoughtfully consider the flow of content on your website. You'll notice that there is very little styling applied here (in fact, it's primarily built from gray shapes and basic typography). Our goal during this phase is to focus entirely on UX — how our users experience moving through your site from a structural perspective.

Style Tiles are a really clever way to define a visual style for the elements on your website in an incredibly simple and time-efficient way. You'll see a "snapshot" of a website, including elements like a banner image, logo placement, typography styling, button styling, etc. Our goal during this phase is to focus entirely on UI — how our users interact with your site from a visual perspective.

It's important is to reflect on your goals for your brand as you review the structure/flow of your wireframes and each style tile concept. You will have one opportunity to refine your wireframes and favorite style tile concept.

FYI: ALL of your content (text, images, videos, etc) is due by the end of this phase — and you are responsible for providing 100% of it unless otherwise agreed to. Website development will not start until content is submitted.

Making it Real

Website Design + Development

Now that we've finalized our page structure (via wireframes) and visual strategy (style tiles), it's time to dive into the actual development process.

This is where a strong strategy phase will pay dividends. We don't want to spin our wheels or exhaust ourselves by running in a million directions with neverending revisions. By setting clear goals and having strategy ironed out, we'll have a strong framework to work within.

We will keep your "Brand Words" (2-3 words that capture how you want your brand to feel to prospective customers) front of mind as we make strategic design refinements.

Ideally, you'll see the initial web page designs and think to yourself, "huh, well, this makes sense!" — because we've done such a great job casting our vision with our wireframes and style tiles.

Finishing Touches

Basic SEO Set-up, Browser Testing, Responsiveness, and Final Refinements

While you give your final website design one last review, I'll be doing a lot of important background stuff. This includes SEO set-up*, cross-browser testing, tweaking for mobile and desktop responsiveness, and prepping for migration to your server.

It sounds boring — and it is 😉 But it's these little touches that will really set your site apart.

* Our basic SEO set-up sets the foundation for great search engine optimization, but you'll want to work with an SEO expert if you're planning to make search engines a primary driver of traffic/sales.

3...2...1...take off!

Launching your New Website + Training & Support

Now it's time to get really excited — it's time to go live with your shiny new website!

As soon as you've given final approval and paid your final invoice, I'll begin the migration process (moving your new website to your own domain + host)*.

When your website launches, you'll receive a full video walkthrough of the backend of your website and two full weeks of email support. You'll also have the option to schedule a screen-sharing training call so that you'll feel 100% confident managing your website moving forward.

You're all set! Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions (or fun updates about your launch!). I'm here to support you 100%. I mean, at this point, we're basically best friends, right?

*Don't have a website domain/host yet? That's okay! I've provided some recommendations/explanations on my Website Platform Comparison page.


No worries! Check out our comprehensive FAQ here. If it's not there, ask me personally 🙂 I'm here for you!